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Aptos, CA 95003
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*Formerly called Tot Rock Shabbat
Please join us for our new Shabbat
program for families
with young children

Friday, September 23

5:45 PM
Vegetarian Family Potluck Shabbat Singing Dinner

6:30 PM
Fabulous engaging Shabbat activities for all ages
~Family Story Time
~Child friendly hands-on Jewish activities

Meet and schmooze with other
Jewish families with young children
at this new fun community
Shabbat event.

Potlucks at TBE are kosher style.
We do not serve meat and milk
together and we don’t serve pork
or shellfish. The program is free
and open to the public.
Please RSVP to Sarah Clarkson
to save your place at dinner.

A special thank you to Lynn
LeRose and Ed Garner and
PJ Library

Save the dates for future Beth
El Bim Bam: December 9, 2016,
March 17, 2017, & April 28, 2017

Elul Reflections

Elul is the twelfth month of the Jewish calendar and it is the time when we begin preparing for the High Holidays. There is a tradition
of sounding the Shofar every day (except Shabbat), calling us to
return to our true selves. This is
the work of teshuvah-return.
We begin the process of clearing
away our expectations about
what we could have or should
have done, and reveal the
reality of our lives.

These reflections and questions
are tools for inspiring us in our
process of teshuvah. Reflect
pon what resonates for you
and feel free to engage online
or in person. Reach out to
other members of our
community for conversation
and connection as we prepare
our souls and our hearts for
this coming New Year.

22 of Elul

“I am of the opinion that our lives
belong to the community and that
as long as we shall live, it is our
privilege to do whatever we can.
I want to be thoroughly used up
when I die, for the harder I work,
the more I live. Life is no brief
candle to me but a splendid
torch that I have hold of for one
moment in time, and I want to
make it burn as brightly as
possible before handing it on
to future generations.”

When we contribute our time
and resources to help others,
we create meaning in our lives.
Working together with others
towards the common good
builds hope and faith that
we can make a difference.

On this 22nd day of Elul,
here is the question: what
more can I do to improve
my community?

Brotherhood Brunch
Presentation by Dr. Carol Reeb
Is Desalination the Key to Solving California's Water Problems?

Sunday, September 25
10:00 AM at TBE

All of TBE invited!

Fishery geneticist Dr. Carol Reeb of Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station consults with industry and government leaders on the practicalities of ocean desalination and technological advancements
that could lessen the impacts on
the marine environment.